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Boss Girl Mentor

Rochelle Wilson

Age: 29

Height: 173

Weight: 65

Years training: have always trained since I was very young. Weight training 2 years

Body Type: mesomorph

Favourite Exercise: can’t say I have one

Job/Profession: personal trainer / masseuse

How many hours is your average working day: 6

How long is your average training sessions usually: 45min

Education (in the fitness industry): AIF – Australian Institute of Fitness

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What triggered the change? I got sick of living the way I was living. Sick and tired all the time. I wasn’t treating my body with care. Although I thought I was. I trained like a maniac every day 1-3 hours of high intensity of cardio with limited food to compliment my training. It only left me run down, moody & fatigued which always then led me to binge on anything and everything. All my hard work was really just a waste and I never got anywhere. It was an extremely hard cycle to break.
Tell us about how you got started with training?I needed a change from all the cardio I was doing.  I believe certain people come into your life for a reason. Luckily for me, I met someone who encouraged me to train weights with him every day.  I must admit I was worried about getting bigger, however, the the opposite happened & it was the change I needed.  Before I knew it I lost 15kg in 7 months by training weights only.
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What single thing would be the best “trick or tip” you have learned while training? Train less, eat more! How has training benefited you in life? It has given me more confidence, endurance & of course strength. It gives me stability. Without it, I’d still be where I used to be. Miserable & hating who I saw in the mirror.
What advice would you have, in regards to managing your work, social life, and fitness? I’m a firm believer in balance. Have the right moderation in everything that you do and it will keep you sane. I get thrown off whatever I’m doing when I don’t have balance in my life.
What would be the best “time management” advice you could give, in regards to keeping your training, work and social life in balance? Keep work to Monday to Friday & enjoy your weekends to socialise.  I don’t socialise much during the week at all and never have. I have always gone by the rule Monday to Thursday are school nights. I think that’s been drummed into me since I was young and swam every morning at 4am. Training should be an everyday thing even if it’s an “active” rest day. Or if you’re that worn out, enjoy a day off and let your hair down!
What is your best tip or trick, for getting meals in while on the go? I either smash 2 meals in one before I go somewhere or just take a meal with me if I know I’ll need to eat. I always make sure I have 10 meals already prepped in the fridge ready to go.
What are your long/short term fitness goals? Short term I’d love to be able to compete in the near future. I keep putting it off because I haven’t started posing practise. Long term I would just like to be able to inspire young women to stop being afraid of facing gym / weights room & eating more. Because it changed my life. What is your involvement in the fitness industry today? Currently a personal trainer but looking to change careers soon as I’d love to just do online work & focus on fitness for myself and study more of natural therapies / medicine
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What is a typical example of your meal plan?

  • 1 cup of oats + 1 egg
  • Green smoothie
  • 100g Turkey mince, 1 cup veg, 1/2 cup rice (4 times a day) 
  • 250g lean meat of any sort + large salad or veg.
  • Cheat as many times as I want during the week no strict diet. Just just depends on what kind of results I’m looking at achieving ahead.

What is a typical example of your training program? 2 leg days, shoulders, chest, back, arms. If I want to get leaner I throw in some cardio but rarely do  cardio.

What supplements do you use and why? Just BCAA’s while I train, because I can’t handle the taste of water during weights. Bcaas feels like a treat! 🙂

What gym type do you train at? Just snap fitness 🙂

What would your advice be to someone just starting out? Don’t give up, seek advice, trial & error until you work it all out. Maybe get a personal trainer to start if you are not sure of technique.

Anything you would like to add (Words of wisdom)? Focus on becoming healthier first and the rest will follow.  Be confident and embrace the beautiful body you have been blessed with xx

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