Boss Girl Fitness was founded in 2014  with the intention of being a FREE resource for all things “womens health and fitness”.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide extraordinary examples in our Boss Girl Mentors, and share the wealth of knowledge that these amazing athletes have acquired throughout their own fitness journey. Every athlete has a different road to success, facing different challenges along the way. Because of this we believe that anyone who has achieved their goals no matter if you are Miss Universe or Plain Jane, we believe everyone can offer valuable advice and information. If you would like to apply to be a Boss Girl Mentor please contact us at

Our Belief 

We also have a fundamental belief that every women needs to know how to take control of her health and fitness, and have the opportunity to better herself. To play our part in this, we are proud to offer simplified crash courses outlining the fundamentals  needed to create your own weight loss program and training schedule. We also offer weekly blog posts written by certified Nutritionalists and Professional Trainers. These blog posts include “breaking down” the latest diets and weight loss programs, mindset and motivation techniques to be an all around Boss Girl, and general tips and information to make your new healthy lifestyle easier to manage.

Our Approach

Our approach to health and fitness is to achieve the maximum amount of “result”, with the minimum time necessary. Realistically “time” is the main reason why so many people fail with their fitness goals. We want to show our readers that staying fit doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym.

Our Difference

We believe what sets us apart is our approach to training. We understand that in the real world, people have family’s, careers and social lives. Its hard to preach balance, when there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. We offer flexible diet plans and weight loss programs that can easily be adapted to suit even the most chaotic schedule.

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Become a Boss Girl

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