Maggie May russell


Quick Stats

Age: 20
Height: 165cm
Weight: 70kg
Years training: 5 years.

Body Type: mesomorph

Favourite Exercise: Box Squats

Job/Profession: Athlete and Personal Trainer

How many hours is your average working day: 8 Hours

How long is your average training sessions usually: 60 min

Education (in the fitness industry): Cert III and IV in Fitness

What triggered the change?

Basically I was sick of being ‘normal’. I turned to the weight room for an escape from reality and   the everyday life of a high school girl studying for my HSC. Plus, I really looked up to athletes like Paige Hathaway and Michelle Lewin, and I wanted a body like theirs more than anything.

Tell us about how you got started with training?

I went to the local gym back in my hometown on my own and literally only used the treadmill because I had NO idea how to lift weights! From pure observation of others and just looking at videos on YouTube I slowly learnt the basics.

What single thing would be the best “trick or tip” you have learned while training?

Always trust your coach or trainer!! They ALWAYS know best. That is why you are paying them, right?

How has training benefited you in life?

It has opened so many doors for me! I now compete in WBFF, I have gained a sponsorship from Hardcore Nutrition in the USA, as well as Core150 International! I also have access to the most amazing coach ( IG: @n8fitness), and I have an amazing support team taking me to the top of my fitness modelling career.

What advice would you have, in regards to managing your work, social life, and fitness?

Never take too much on board! Don’t think you are invincible and can handle 3 jobs , training twice a day, cardio, online clients or whatever it is that you do! Set aside time for yourself and make sure you sleep! I can’t stress how important a little down-time is!

What would be the best “time management” advice you could give, in regards to keeping your training, work and social life in balance? 

The fitness industry (especially being a competitor) can be a selfish world. Sometimes it has to be. All of my friends are also fitness enthusiasts, so my way of socialising is getting together for a training session or a coffee. I mostly do this in on weekends or around my work schedule. It’s all about prioritising what’s important to you.

What is your best tip or trick, for getting meals in while on the go?

I ALWAYS prepare 3 or 4 days in advance. It saves a lot of time and stress! I carry my 6-pack Bag everywhere I go with all my meals and supplements/vitamins for the day.

What are your long/short term fitness goals?

My short term fitness goal is to gain my WBFF Fitness Pro-Card! Long term is to become World Champion! I like to dream big

What is your involvement in the fitness industry today?

I am currently working on starting my own comp prep and PT business, as well as training and prepping for upcoming competitions for myself.

An example of maggies’s daily meal plan?

 Diet type: Maggie eats 6 small meals per day.

1 Slice pumpkin bread + 2 eggs
Green smoothie

Meals 2-5
120g chicken mince or fish
1 cup vegetables
1/2 cup rice

250g lean meat of any sort + large salad or veg.

I drink 3-4L of water a day, and a re-feed (cheat) once a week!


What is a typical example of your training program?

I like to mix it up. At the moment I am doing a lot of high intensity training.

What supplements do you use and why?

I use a good quality protein powder for after training, I also like to use a Pre-workout for extra energy and focus, and I also like to take a daily multivitamin and fish oil.

What gym type do you train at?

I train at World Gym. It is an amazing all-round gym, and it caters for bodybuilders and competitive athletes very well. It has an awesome motivating atmosphere with the best equipment.

What would your advice be to someone just starting out?

Don’t be scared to try out the weights! You may feel like everyone is watching you or judging you, but they’re not! Most people will admire you for making a change and hitting the gym!

Anything you would like to add (Words of wisdom)?

Never doubt yourself. If you don’t believe you can do it, then no one else will. Only small minded people will laugh at your dreams. You have to believe and visualise yourself achieving those dreams to really be successful.

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